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Before and After Penis Enlargement

Before and after penis enlargement pictures was one of the major turning points that helped converted me from a skeptic to a strong believer in penis enlargement device that works.

Yes, years gone by, I sneered at claims of penile enlargement aids and disbelieved most products claiming to enhance my sexual performances.

Luckily that came to an abrupt end when I was shown some real-life penis enlargement before and after pictures (like the pictures to the right).

I saw happy testimonies of several men who added between 1-3 inches to their penises after purchasing SizeGenetics Penis Stretching Devices                      

before after penis enlargement photos sizegeneticsbefore after penis enlarger size genetics device
    Before & After

Note: Size Genetics helped adds 2-Inches plus to his penis size

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With such pictures above, my doubts vanished....

And my interest peaked!

And I quickly ordered SizeGenetics penis device. And the results was beyond my wildest imaginations.

After just few months, (less than 4 months to be precise), I gained 21/2 inches (two and half inches) to my penis length!

Now as I write this, I feel enthralled to share some of those same before and after penis enlargement pictures, with you       


How Premature Ejaculation TORTURED Me Sex For More Than 7-years!

And it was a period of horror, suffering and battles with shame...

However I was able to overcame this dreaded male sexual issue (with its twin brother called erectile dysfunction) and now...

In my mid-40s, I 'reign' like a bedroom star and always happy.

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NOTE: And please note, the pictures were not given directly to me, but were sourced from the Size Genetics company...

In fact you can view same pictures and many others on the 'Testimonials Page' on the official site.

The pictures above were publicly shared by a 60 years old man, Homer.

His was one of the few SizeGenetics Extender success stories that rekindled my hope and confidence to take the risk and I ordered one of the best penis extenders on the market!



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I Was A Victim of Premature Ejaculation (and Erectile Dysfunction) For More Seven Years!

But.. a timely advice saved me from those years of shame and pain.

Now in my mid-40s, I 'reign' like a bedroom star, always happy with my great sexual performances.


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